Welcome to Serve International!

As you might have guessed, we are an organization dedicated to serving.

Our motto is "through love serve one another."

Our goal is to serve, empower and train people to reach their maximum potential.

Here's what some leaders have said about our work:

"Your association and help have been invaluable. You have been a constant motivator, who impelled us to achieve great things..."
-Rev. K. Baby, Carmel Community Trust

"You have been a great blessing to us. You have been a mentor and encourager..."
-Rev. M Timothy, Shekinah Trust

"You became a partner in the work..."
-Rev. J. Anbalagan, Prarthana Bhawan

"We highly appreciate your heart...We are very much priviledged to work in association with you...Our prayers are with you.  Thank you so much once again."
-Rev. M.K. Babu, Sacred Assembly Trust

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