The Team

Our core team is made up of our directors and advisors with different concentrations and expertise. But we are by no means an exclusive organization as we are highly committed to networking and forging strategic partnerships with other individuals and organizations to increase effectiveness.


Douglas Clarke

He has been a managing director at a number of companies. He is also a pastor and counselor.


Joseph Cacioppo

He is a medical doctor who also conducts charitable medical camps in various parts of the world on a regular basis.


Kathleen Dillard

She is an international lecturer and author. She is also a counselor and intercessor.


Terri Hussey

She is an international entrepreneur working in the medical transcription field. She also provides counseling and consultation services.


Brenda Zior

She is a teacher and homemaker. She also conducts special educational programs for children in the developing world.


Carol Zior

She is a successful real estate agent based in Florida. She is also a lecturer and counselor.


Scott Zior

He is a business man involved in corporate training and consulting. He also offers free training and consultation to non profits in the developing world. He is also a pastor.