Backpack Give Away!

Today we had fun as we gave backpacks, notebooks, pens and pencils to 56 children studying in a slum school.

Children Turned Away

Thanks to your support, we were able to provide school bags to all these poor children. They are attending a free tutoring program in a village area. Other children came yesterday to join the program but unfortunately had to be turned back as there is not enough budget to add teachers.

50+ Children Are Now Getting Free Tutoring!

We are partnering with this new tutoring program to purchase carpets and stationary supplies. This project is centrally located amidst a dozen villages where education levels are very low.

Encouraging Orphans

Scott visited a Nepali Girls Orphanage. We had fun singing, eating pizza and doing origami, plus he gave them a short message of encouragement.

Pray for Sanjivani

Say a prayer for Sanjivani. She is a founder of the safe house we support, rescuing women and children from sex trafficking. She is bravely fighting blood cancer.

Family Seminar

We had a wonderful time as families gathered for the Family Seminar. We had several general sessions, a couples session and separate sessions for youth, men and women. We taught each group practical lessons to strength the families and their personal lives as well.

Young Leaders Summit

Some of the young leaders from the Young Leaders Summit.  We had a wonderful time this weekend.  We taught the young people Leadership Principles and gave them a chance to practise thru practical exercises and activations.   They gave very good feedback about the things they learned and expressed that it was a very fruitful time…

Free Medical Camps

We conducted a series of free medical camps in needy areas with our team.  Each patient got a few check up and treatment as needed.  We also provided free medicines and encouragement.

The Cold are now Warm!

We partnered to provide blankets and clothes for migrant families in need.  These people are from high Himalayan mountain villages in Nepal where it is difficult to survive in today’s modern world.  So they recently moved to the city with a handful of belongings and are trying to get settled in.  Our local team is…

Ashish Life is Saved!

We saved Ashish life. He had blood cancer and was homeless. His single mom was struggling just to survive and could not take care of him. Someone told them about us and we agreed to help them. Ashish got the life saving treatment he needed and is recovering very well! A big thank you to…